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Index Admissions B.Sc. Accounting and Finance

B.Sc. Accounting and Finance

This is a four-year honors degree in Accounting and Finance designed to establish the insight of students in financial accounting, managerial accounting, budgeting, accounting system, internal controls, financial analysis, financial reporting, internal and external audit, taxation and accounting related issues. It is a strong programme aiming at bridging the gap in audit and accounting area of business with morefocus on skill development and other areas of specialization.

The Dual Qualification Edge

B.Sc. Accounting and Finance is a Certification offered by ACCA Global in Accounting, as such 14 subjects of ACCA are included in the course work of this program. These subjects have beendistributed among different semesters throughout the program. The students aspiring for getting ACCA qualification will study these subjects during the regular classes of B.Sc. Accounting and Finance and will then (he/she) can appear for ACCA exam individually.


Support to ACCA Students

APCOMS at this stage does not intend to hold ACCA exam at itsown premises but will offer support to the aspirant students in processing their registration with ACCA and appearing in the exam. Registration and other financial requirements needed for this certification will not be the liability of APCOMS, however, guidance wiIIbe provided to facilitate the students.

Course Distribution

Course distribution of BSc Accounting and Finance is such that it includes subjects from Finance, Accounting, Management and others.

Eligibility Criteria

Program Details

Credit Hours 120 - 126
Semesters 8
Semester Duration 19 weeks (16 weeks teaching + 3 weeks examination)
Programme Duration 4 Years
Specializations Audit / Financial Management / Islamic Banking

Merit Criteria

Intermediatte (or Equivalent) Entry Test Total
70% 30% 100%

Admission Ratio

Wards of Armed Forces Personnel Wards of Civilians
50% 50%

Entry Test Allocation of Marks

Subjects Marks
Mathematics 40%
English 40%
General Knowledge 20%
Total 100%