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BS Computer Science

BS (Computer Science) in APCOMS is the oldest degree programme started in 1999. Sixteen batches of BS (Software Engineering) have been graduated so far. Software Engineering is the discipline of creating high- quality software environment in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner, while maintaining it affordably. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques and methods to develop the software systems. A software engineering programme develops professionals who have a mastery of software development principles, theory, practice and process. The goal of Software Engineering is to use the science and technology already available to create products and tools for use. Software Engineering derives its essence from computer science as other engineering disciplines do from natural or life sciences, with an emphasis on issues of process, design, measurement, analysis and verification providing a strong foundation in engineering principles and practices as applied to software development.


The objective of the program is to prepare students to accept the challenges in the field of software engineering and take the lead role in the development of software, i.e. plan design and monitor the quality of software. The curriculum is specially designed to train our students to guide and supervise a team of computer programmers by implementing software engineering principles in a proven and innovative manner.


The objective of the programme is to prepare students for professional careers and graduate studies with a balance between computing theory and practical careers and graduate studies with a balance between computing theory and practical application of software engineering concepts, methodologies, tools and technologies in the modern software development environments. Various components have been included in the curriculum to ensure that the graduates will;

Attribute Value
Total number of credit hours Atleast 130
Total number of semesters Eight (8)
Total duration Four (4) years

Program details

Credit Hours Semesters Semester Duration Programme Duration
Atleast 134 8 19 weeks (16 weeks teaching + 3 weeks examination) 4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Merit Criteria

Admission Ratio

Wards of Armed Forces Personnel Wards of Civilians
50% 50%