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Index Academics Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

MS Electrical Engineering

The master degree courses are aimed at bringing the students abreast with the most recent developments in their fields of specialization. These courses are offered for the part time students. The Master of Science programme will be offered in the following specializations:-

M.Sc. (Engg) degree will be awarded for successfully completing studies equivalent to 30 credit hours. The candidate will pass a minimum of eight postgraduate level courses (24 credit hours) and successfully complete postgraduate research thesis (6 credit hours). In general, a student will be required to take at least five core courses (15 credit hours) and three courses (9 credit hours) from his choice of specialization called major area and a research thesis of six credit hours.

Total number of credit hours 30
Core Corses 5 courses of 15 credit hours
Specialization 3 courses of 9 credit hours
Research Thesis 6 credit hours
Total number of semesters Four (04)
Semester Duration 19 weeks (16 weeks teaching + 3 weeks examinations)
Total Duration Two (02) Years


Core Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6101 Power System Engineering 3
EE-6102 Optimization Techniques in Power Systems 3
EE-6103 Power Distribution Control and Automation 3
EE-6104 Electrical Machine Modeling 3
EE-6105 High Voltage Engineering 3

Elevtive Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6115 Power Generation Systems 3
EE-6116 Alternate Energy Resources 3
EE-6117 Distribution System Economics 3
EE-6118 Distribution System Reliability 3
EE-6119 Variable Speed Drives 3
EE-6120 Power Electronics Control in Electrical Systems 3
EE-6121 Power System Dynamic and Control 3
EE-6122 Advanced Power Electronics 3
EE-6123 Artificial Intelligence 3
EE-6124 Genetic Algorithms 3
EE-6125 Engineering Optimization 3
EE-6126 Operational Research 3
EE-6127 Probabilistic Systems in Electrical Engineering 3
EE-6106 Power System Operation 3
EE-6107 Power System Protection 3
EE-6108 Power System Transients 3
EE-6109 Power System Economics 3
EE-6110 Modeling and Simulation of Power System Components 3
EE-6111 Power System Stability and Control 3
EE-6112 Power System Reliability and Security 3
EE-6113 Electric and Magnetic Fields 3
EE-6114 Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Materials 3

Research Thesis

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6000 Research Thesis 6


Core Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6401 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control 3
EE-6402 Modern Control Systems 3
EE-6403 Digital Control Systems 3
EE-6404 Linear Multivariable Control 3
EE-6405 Stochastic Control 3

Elective Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6206 Optical Communication 3
EE-6207 Optical Networks 3
EE-6208 Advanced Digital Design 3
EE-6209 Digital Integrated Circuit Design 3
EE-6210 Analog Integrated Circuit Design 3
EE-6211 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory 3
EE-6212 VLSI Testing and Verification 3
EE-6213 Random Variables and Signals 3
EE-6214 Advanced Circuit Analysis and Filter Design 3
EE-6215 Semiconductor Materials and Technology 3
EE-6216 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems 3
EE-6217 Radar Systems 3
EE-6218 Advanced Network Synthesis 3

Research Thesis

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6000 Research Thesis 6


Core Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6301 Digital Signal Processing Techniques 3
EE-6302 Advanced Computer Systems 3
EE-6303 Digital Communication 3
EE-6304 Computer Networks 3
EE-6305 Computer Vision 3

Elevtive Courses

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6306 Digital Video Systems 3
EE-6307 Embedded Systems 3
EE-6308 Multi-Rate Signal Processing 3
EE-6309 Parallel Processing 3
EE-6310 Digital Speech Processing 3
EE-6311 Biomedical Image Processing 3
EE-6312 Data Compression Techniques 3
EE-6313 Pattern Recognition 3
EE-6314 Wireless Networks 3
EE-6315 Satellite Communication 3
EE-6316 Advanced Mobile Communication 3
EE-6317 Antenna and Propagation 3
EE-6318 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
EE-6319 Data Mining and Security 3
EE-6320 Computer and Information Security 3
EE-6321 Digital Design – Testing and Verification 3

Research Thesis

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-6000 Research Thesis 6

B.Sc Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a core engineering deciplines. Due to very repid advancement in technology and communications theimportance of all specializations in EE such as, Electronics and Telecommunications etc. has grown manifolds. The curriculum for the Bachelors degree program is designed, keeping in view the recommendations of HEC and PEC, to cover all essentially needed areas while paying special attention towards Mathematics, Physics, Communication skills and Professional ethics.

Total No. of Credit Hours At least 135
Total No. of Semesters Eight (08)
Semester Duration 19 weeks (16 weeks teaching + 3 weeks examination)
Total Duration Four (04) years

Curriculum for B.Sc Electrical Engineering

1st Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-111 Linear Circuit Analysis 3+1
EE-112 Workshop Practice 1+1
GS-113 Applied Physics 3+0
CS-114 Computer Fundamentals 2+1
GS-115 Applied Calculus 3+0
HU-116 Islamic Studies 2+0

2nd Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-121 Electro Mechanical Systems- I 3+1
EE-122 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3+1
EE-123 Engineering Drawing and CAD 0+1
GS-124 Linear Algebra 3+0
GS-125 Differential Equations 3+0
ME-126 Basic Mechanical Engineering 3+0

3rd Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-211 Digital Logic Design 3+1
EE-212 Electro Mechanical Systems-II 3+1
GS-213 Complex Variables & Transforms 3+0
CS-214 Object Oriented Programming 3+1
HU-215 Communication Skills 3+0
HU-216 Pak Studies 2+0

4th Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-221 Instrumentation & Measurements 3+1
EE-222 Network Analysis 3+1
EE-223 Introduction to Power Engineering 3+0
CS-224 Computer Organization 3+1
GS-225 Numerical Analysis 3+0
HU-226 Engineering Ethics 2+0

5th Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-311 Signals and Systems 3+1
EE-312 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3+0
EE-313 Basic Power Electronics 3+1
GS-314 Probability & Statistics for Engineers 3+0
EE-31# Elective-I 3+1

6th Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-321 Micro-Computer Systems 3+1
EE-322 Linear Control Systems 3+1
ME-323 Applied Thermodynamics 3+0
MS-324 Engineering Economics 2+0
EE-32# Elective-II 3+1

7th Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-411 Design Project 0+2
HU-412 Social Sciences 2+0
MS-413 Engineering Management 2+0
EE-41# Elective-III 3+1
EE-41# Elective-IV 3+1

8th Semester

Code Course Name Credit Hours
EE-421 Senior Design Project 0+3
EE-42# Elective-V 3+1
EE-42# Elective-VI 3+1


Electronics Telecommunications
Advanced Digital Design Microwave Devices
Digital Instrumentation Communication Systems
Electronic Circuit Design Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing Optical FiberCommunication
Microwave Engineering Digital Communication
Antenna & Wave Propagation Propagation and Antennas
Digital Image Processing Computer Communication Networks
Communication Systems Mobile Communication
Computer Communication Networks
Mobile Communication