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Website FAQs

APCOMS launched its home page and main website in 2015. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the website.

Question: Who is responsible for APCOMS website?

All the content available on the website is the property of APCOMS. No one is authorized to alter or update any information on the website.

APCOMS higher authorities are responsible for all the content available on the website. You may contact to APCOMS representatives in case of any query, click here to contact.

Question: Why was APCOMS website developed?

APCOMS website was developed for the following purposes;

  • To display all the notifications related to major events happening in APCOMS.
  • For keeping our students informed about all the activities happening in APCOMS.
  • For keeping our students informed about their results, attendance and overall semester progress.
  • To facilitate students for applying for new admission (online).
  • To seek feedback from the students as well as others, on any dimension.
  • To provide a healthy enviornment to our students, where they can see their photos and stuff.
  • For providing general information about APCOMS.

Question: Who are the main site's target audiences?

The main site is APCOM'S main public Web presence/interface. The System hopes that all members of the APCOMS community will check the site frequently for recent news, photos, trip details, and other updates.

Question: Who do I contact with questions or comments about the new site?

If you have some suggestion for us or you have some query to ask, or you like to register any complaint, you can always contact to APCOMS representatives by clicking here.