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It is the endeavour of Army Public College Of Management & Sciences (APCOMS), to play a very active role in the national development by producing and training highly skilled Electrical Engineers, IT Specialists and competent Business Managers. In order to accomplish this mission Army Public College Of Management & Sciences (APCOMS) is committed to provide an educational environment which is conducive to foster creativity and ingenuity.


In today's modern world, which has now become a global village, none of the nations can meet up with the pace of the rapidly developing world, without paying any special attention towards the development in science and technology. This can be achieved only by producing huge human resources which should be competent enough to accept the modern world's challenges and come up with their solutions.

APCOMS Message

Army Public College Of Management & Sciences (APCOMS), Rawalpindi is an upcoming center of excellence, which has in a short span of time established its niche in the community of Engineering Sciences and Business Management institutions. Founded in 1999, under the administrative control of the Inspector General Training & Evaluation (IGT&E), Pakistan Army, yet self governed, APCOMS is an affiliated college with the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila. It has made Managemennt and Engineering Sciences education accessible for those brilliant students who lack adequate resource base, APCOMS aims to narrow the gulf between perception and reality by adopting innovative, responsive, quality focused and open door policy. it has made its core competence an environment, where students are made to cross the traditional border of professional disciplines. It is determined to act as a catalyst of progress. The alumni of the APCOMS are independent, self-governing and serious minded professionals, who have assumed the mantle of leadership by making significant and invaluable contributions in their chosen discipline. APCOMS aims at building the academic edifice around the core competencies of its students, who are eager to serve in various corporate, industrial, telecommunications and banking sector.