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MS in Computer Science

The Computer Science Department is working under the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. The ultimate aim of the MS (Computer Science) degree program is to train highly qualified personnel to fulfill the needs of industry and academia. MS (Computer Science) Program deals with the design and implementation of software systems. This program provides training and skills for the successful implementation of software systems. Our MS (Computer Science) program offers comprehensive foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas.


A challenging graduate program may be structured on the basis of the classical objective, which is the preparation for study of doctoral level, and this remains an important aspect of such programs, but it is believed that all programs should prepare the student for study beyond the master's level.

Many people already in the field desire additional training in Computer Science. These individuals may have undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and desire to advance; or they may have considerable experience in Computer Science, but little formal education in the field. While this latter group should be declining in number as more undergraduate Computer Science majors enter the job market, the demand does exist and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. In addition, there will be a continuing need for individuals with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science to update their training.

Among the objectives for students in master's programs is entry into the Computer Science field at a relatively high level of responsibility and expertise. Computer Science is such a new and rapidly expanding field that individuals entering with a master's degree in this field will almost 46 immediately move to positions with great responsibility. This, in turn, implies the requirement for an advanced level of prior training in both technical and related areas (e.g. communication skills). In all these cases, the master's degree provides both motivations for the student and a standard for reward by the employer.

Program Summary

Total Number of Credit Hours At least 30
Total Number of Semesters Four (4)
Total Duration Two (2) Years