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MS in Electrical Engineering

The master degree courses are aimed at bringing the students abreast with the most recent developments in their fields of specialization. These courses are offered for the part time students.

The Master of Science programme will be offered in the following specializations;

M.Sc. (Engg) degree will be awarded for successfully completing studies equivalent to 30 credit hours. The candidate will pass a minimum of eight postgraduate level courses (24 credit hours) and successfully complete postgraduate research thesis (6 credit hours). In general, a student will be required to take at least five core courses (15 credit hours) and three courses (9 credit hours) from his choice of specialization called major area and a research thesis of six credit hours.

Attribute Value
Total number of credit hours 30
Core Courses 5 courses of 15 credit hours
Specialization 3 courses of 9 credit hours
Research Thesis 6 credit hours
Total number of semesters Four (4)
Semester Duration 19 weeks (16 weeks teaching + 3 weeks examinations)
Total Duration Two (2) Years