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Registrar Office

Muhammad Aziz Saggu



Ph: 051-8444555 (Ext: 103)

1. In the changing environment, the registrar’s role is being transformed and viewed as a change agent. The profession of registrar is one of the oldest within higher education administration. The Registrar’s Office is responsible to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in the Institute/University, from the time of admission and registration to the graduation. It also helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies; as well as provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the Institution. Registrar’s Office analyzes statistical data on registration for administrative use in formulating policies.

2. The admission and registration department under the leadership of the registrar facilitates faculty teaching, student learning, and institutional research and provides responsive service to all faculty, students, staff, and alumni. The Registrar ensures the integrity of student records and plays a critical role in the development and execution of the institution’s policies, rules and regulations.