About Apcoms

Apcoms aims to narrow the gulf between perception and reality by adopting innovative, responsive, quality focused and open door policy. It has made its core competence an environment, where students are made to cross the traditional border of professional disciplines. It is determined to act as a catalyst of progress. The alumni of the Apcoms are independent, self governing and serious minded professionals, who have assumed the mantle of leadership by making significant and invaluable contributions in their chosen discipline. Apcoms aims at building the academic edifice around the core competencies of its students, who are eager to serve in various corporate, industrial, telecommunications and banking sector.

principal message

APCOMS is a futuristic institution which holds tremendous learning opportunities and scope for those aspiring to excel in the fields of management and sciences. Making a humble beginning, in 1999, it has blossomed and matured into one of the premier professional colleges in the country. This has been made possible through dedication and hard work of our team which has worked relentlessly and with preservance all these years for the fruition of our goals. We draw our competitive advantage over other institutions through our ingenuity, commitment to excellence and individual attention to each student. APCOMS has moved from strength and has lately evolved into an institution of modern higher education while remaining committed to its enshrined vision of service to humanity. Our faculty, through thier professionalism, conscientiousness and dedication, always endeaovour to prepare our student to assume future leadership roles.

We believe in the dictum "Education is not only knowledge and skills but also social and individual values". We therefore focus on refining the individual traits and strength of each student with a view to making him a contributing member of the society through intrinsic motivation, discipline and adherence to social norms and values. The college places considerable emphasis on high standards of behaviour and dress. We offer a secure and creative environment which facilitates students' development into confident adults. We are committed to provide relevant and purposeful education in partnership with academia, business community and other stakeholders. The atmosphere at APCOMS is serene and highly conductive for learning due to an appropriate balance between accademic and extra-curricular activities. Students will find a wide range of opportunities available to them for nurturing their creative abilities. Our curriculum not only meets the requirements of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) but also facilities the students desirous of continuing their education in business and engineering institutions abroad. We firmly believe that our future is exciting. I welcome all to come and visit us to see what a happy, vibrant and promising atmosphere we have.

Apcoms vision

In today’s world, which has now become a global village, no nation can meet the pace with the development, without paying special attention towards the professional education. This can be achieved only by producing a competent pool human resource which should be competent enough to accept the challenges and provide practical solutions.

Apcoms misssion

It is the endeavour of “Army Public College of Management & Sciences”, to play an active role in the national development by producing highly skilled and competent electrical engineers, IT specialists and business managers. In order to accomplish this mission Army Public College of Management & Sciences is committed to provide an educational environment which is conducive to foster creativity and ingenuity.

Apcoms facilities

Classs Rooms

The college has spacious an dwell-maintained classrooms. There are conference halls and auditorium with state of the art audio visual aids for workshops and seminars. All classrooms have heating and air-conditioning facility.


To provide an hand on experience for using management information systems. Apcoms has twelve laboratories related to engineering programme and seven state-of-the-art computer laboratories, equipped with sufficient number computers with DSLInternet facility.



APCOMS library is fully automated holding 7000 latest monographs and 29 international journals which is covering the areas of electrical, telecom, software engineering, and management Sciences. APCOMS Library aim to encourage and support both academic and research activities of university students, researchers, faculty members and university staff. These provide a full range of services that include book loans, online information searching, reference services, photocopying, access to million of digital resources, and research support services. The library is equipped with the latest systems to access the digital library of more than 23000 research journals, 60000 books and 9 million articles. It has a collection of over 10,000 volumes in the area of Databases, Networking, E-Commerce, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Communications, Circuit Analysis, Antennas, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering, Wireless Communications, Satellite Communications, Fiber Optic Communications, Mobile Communications, Digital Design, Control Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Management, Islam, Urdu and English fiction, etc. Library provides web accessible information resources, and easy access to advanced learning facilities. APCOMS library is managed by qualified and experienced staffs who are dedicated to provide quality services to its users.

Book Bank

A special section of library, which has multiple copies o fall text books. Needy students can borrow books from the book bank for the whole duration of the semester


Heath Care

The college has an in-campus medical investigation room (MI Room) manned by medical staff from whom the students can receive consultation and medicines free of cost

Extra Curricular Activities

Apcoms has a tradition of offering extra curricular activities for students mental and physical recreation. A whole week is dedicated as students week during every semester in which sports, fun, cultural and other events are held. Moreover it is also a practice to have welcome/farewell functions during every semester.


Workshops & Seminars

Seminars and workshops are essential part of student character building at APCOMS. Thet are arranged frequently, enlightening students on contemporary issues of national and international significance, and also provide them an opportunity to socialize with scholars, business executives, industrial specialists, educationists and other eminent persons.



Apcoms has the tradition of honoring those students who excel in their academic courses. The students are given scholarships who secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in their relevant semesters. The students who secure SGPAof more than 3.5 are eligible ro receive the scholarship.



Apcoms convocation was held on 13 April 2018 in Jinnah Conventional Centre Islamabad. 776 students of Apcoms of various programmes were graduated.