Management Sciences (Affiliated With NUML)

Bachelors of Business Administration

BBA (Honors) Programme at Apcoms provides the foundation for learning in management sciences. The programme incorporates a fine blend of subjects that addresses the requirements for developing the business professionals to fill various managerial slots in the corporate world. It also acts as a stepping stone towards enrollment in MBA programme. The programme focuses on sharpening analytical and decision skills of the students. It builds up the student's capacity to apply their theoretical knowledge in solving the practical problems. The programme schedule has been designed to maintain balance between academic pursuits and extra curricular activities.


  • To provide the foundation for the development of a meaningful career in the business world.
  • Familiarize the students with the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitation in the pursuit for gaining an entry into the corporate sector.
  • Personality development by inculcating ethical values and self-discipline.
  • Familiarization and practice in business research.

Degree Requirements: The students must fulfill the following before they are eligible for award of BBA degree:-

Total Duration 04 Years
Regular semesters 08
Specializations Finance / Human Resource / Marketing
Courses (Credit Hrs) 40 - 42 (120 - 126 Credit Hrs)
Thesis or Two Subjects 06 Credit Hrs
Total Credit Hrs 126 - 132

Courses in BBA


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