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Civil Engineering

Apcoms was established in 1999 to provide professional education in the field of management sciences and engineering sciences. It is already offering electrical engineering and CS. It now plans to offer civil engineering as this discipline has ever growing demand. Civil engineering provides a base that is necessary in building skills and competence to design and implement construction projects. The civil engineering department plans to produce quality civil engineers fully capable of providing solutions to the challenging problems. The engineers should also be pivotal for the research activities.

The department puts forth the following educational objectives:

  • To impart stte of the art knowledge to the students in the field of civil engineering and produce competent civil engineers who will play vital role in the national development.
  • To provide critical learning for broad function in various areas of civil engineering including structural, environmental, geo-technical, water resources, transportation engineering and construction management.
  • To impress upon them the spirit of discipline, teach them the code of ethics of the engineering profession and to follow all of them in their practical life.
  • To prepare graduate engineers to be competitive in both national and international market by inculcating the engineering adn managerial skills.

Degree Requirements: The students must fulfill the following before they are eligible for award of Civil Engineering degree:-

Total Number of Credit Hours At least 136
Total Number of Semesters Eight (08)
Semester Duration 19 Weeks (16 Teaching + 3 Exam Weeks)
Total Duration 04 Years

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