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Computer Science

The Computer Science Department is working under the Faculty of Engineering. . The ultimate aim of the Computer Science degree programs is to produce computer scientists, and IT professionals who can strengthen the backbone of a rapidly growing computer industry. Sciences BS Computer Science derives its essence as other computer disciplines do from natural or life sciences, with an emphasis on issues of process, design, measurement, analysis and verification providing a strong foundation in computing principles and practices as applied to computer software development.


Computer Science is distinct from other computing disciplines such as Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. It enshrines a more humanistic perspective of Computer Science and revolve around a deeper study of critical information technology topics, including:-

  • System configuration and administration.
  • Computer and network hardware installation and maintenance.
  • Use and management of databases.
  • Development and modeling.
  • Creation and management of web sites and web-based systems.
  • Digital voice and video communications.
  • Computer and information security etc.

Degree Requirements: The students must fulfill the following before they are eligible for award of CS degree:-

Total Number of Credit Hours At least 130
Total Number of Semesters 08
Total Duration 04 Year

Courses in Computer Sciences

Elective Courses