Exams Branch

Conduct of Examination

Student Evaluation System

The performance of every student shall be continuously monitored and assessed throughout the semester. During the semester a student's performance shall be evaluated by taking quizzes, assignments, mid semester examination, laboratory reports, and project presentations etc. An end semester examination shall also be taken covering the entire syllabus. Theory and practical parts of a subject will be treated as separate courses. It will be mandatory for the student to pass both the parts. Separate Grades will be awarded and will be reflected on the Grade Sheet and Transcript of Awards.

Grading Mechanism

Course grades shall be awarded to the students preferably based on their relative performance in the course with minimum student's strength more than ten (10). Grading shall be usually carried out on the basis of normal distribution curve using statistical methods with preferably B as the class average. Grades shall be indicated by letters. There shall be 4-letter Grades i.e. A, B, C & D for individual courses with 9 performance levels e.g:-

Letter Grades Performance Level
2 As A+ & A-
3 Bs B+, B & B-
3 Cs C+, C & C-
1 D Simple D
F Fail
I Incomplete

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA)

The semester grade point average (SGPA) shall be calculated by multiplying the grade points earned in a course with the number of credit hours of that course, taking the sum of such products for each course taken in that semester and finally dividing the result by the total number of credit hours attempted/earned in that semester.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The cumulative GPA (CGPA) shall be calculated similarly (as that for SGPA) for all the courses taken in all the semesters of the degree programme.

Evaluation Components

  • Quizzes:

    There shall be an appropriate number of quizzes (announced/unannounced) per course.

  • Mid Semester Examination

    There shall be one mid semester examination of 1.5 to 2.0 hours duration for each theory part of a subject in a semester after eighth week of teaching in case of regular semester and after fourth week in case of summer semester. While for practical part, the mid semester examination will be conducted during practical/lab hours.

  • Home Assignments / Mini Projects:

    There shall be an appropriate number (at least 04) of Home Assignments and /or Mini Projects per course in a semester.

  • Laboratory Reports:

    The students shall submit laboratory reports on each laboratory practical held for the subject having practical part which the course teacher will evaluate during the semester.

  • End-Semester Examination

    There shall be separate End Semester Examination for theory and practical part of a subject. The duration of Theory paper will be from 2.00 to 3.00 hours covering the entire course at the end of each semester. In case of practical part the oral/viva voce examination will be conducted jointly by the course Teacher (i.e. Internal Examiner) and External/ Neutral Examiner. The examination shall be held in the last two weeks of each regular semester and last one week of summer semester. Student Failed in Practical or Theory part will be considered failed only in that part and will only repeat that part.


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