Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to visit campus, but it is worth emphasizing that we evaluate applicants on the merits of their written application materials, and thus meeting with any faculty member(s) will not give you any advantage in the admission process. If you are accepted into the program, then we will invite you to visit us at Apcoms for the orientation. On this visit you'll get a chance to meet other students who have been accepted as well as current students, and faculty who share your interests, will be ready to answer your specific questions about the program and your place in it.
We do not begin reading applications until after the final deadline has passed—but nor do we consider applications parts of which are submitted late, so we recommend that you not wait until the final day to begin the application process.
Know your security options. Make sure you are aware of any past incidents on campus, know where your emergency call buttons or emergency phones are on campus, and know the number to the campus police.

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