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Apcoms library is fully automated holding 7000 latest monographs and 29 international journals which is covering the areas of electrical, telecom, software engineering, and management Sciences. Apcoms Library aim to encourage and support both academic and research activities of university students, researchers, faculty members and university staff. These provide a full range of services that include book loans, online information searching, reference services, photocopying, access to million of digital resources, and research support services. The library is equipped with the latest systems to access the digital library of more than 23000 research journals, 60000 books and 9 million articles. It has a collection of over 10,000 volumes in the area of Databases, Networking, E-Commerce, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Communications, Circuit Analysis, Antennas, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave Engineering, Wireless Communications, Satellite Communications, Fiber Optic Communications, Mobile Communications, Digital Design, Control Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Management, Islam, Urdu and English fiction, etc. Library provides web accessible information resources, and easy access to advanced learning facilities. Apcoms library is managed by qualified and experienced staffs who are dedicated to provide quality services to its users.

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