Rules and Regulations

Management Sciences

Medium of Instruction

English is the medium of instruction and examination. In the case of Islamic Studies, it is Urdu/English at the choice of the student.


80% attendance is mandatory.

Degree Requirements

APCOMS awards degrees to the students who fulfill following conditions:

  • BBA 04 Years Degree Program 126 -132 credit hours (Min CGPA required 2.00)
  • BBA 02 Years Degree Program 75 - 78 credit hours (Min CGPA required 2.00)
  • MBA 02 Years Degree Program 60 – 66 credit hours (Min CGPA required 2.00)
  • MBA 1.5 Years Degree Program 30 - 36 credit hours (Min CGPA required 2.00)
  • Executive MBA 02 Years Degree Program 60 – 66 credit hours (Min CGPA required 2.00)

Semester Duration

  • The duration of a regular semester will be 16-18 weeks.
  • A special intensive summer semester can be offered which shall not be less than 8 weeks duration.
  • In case summer semester is offered, it must cover the same course contents as in a regular semester.
  • Teaching shall be mandatory for all offered courses in Summer Semester.
  • Only one summer semester can be offered in one calendar year.

Registration of Courses

At the beginning of a semester, a student shall register course(s) being offered by the department.

  • A student shall normally be required to register for 18 credits in a Semester. However, the HoD may allow a student to register for 21 credits in a semester as a special case.
  • In summer semester a student may register for a maximum of two courses only.
  • In second or subsequent semesters a student may improve/repeat courses in which he/she obtained D or F Grade provided it is within limit of Para above.
  • The HoD shall forward the list of the students repeating/improving courses to Accounts Branch for issuance of fee challan forms for payment within first 21 days of a semester.
  • The Accounts Branch will issue challans within four working days of the receipt of letter /names from the departments.
  • After deposit of fee, the HoD will forward the list of students repeating/improving course(s) to Examination Branch within 28 days of commencement of the semester for approval.
  • A student may drop course(s) within first six weeks of a semester on the recommendation of the HoD concerned without refund of fee and without reporting the grade and counting towards repeat/improve chances.
  • The students are not allowed to register in more than one degree program in NUML or anywhere concurrently.

Grading Evaluation

The performance of students is evaluated through a system of continuous testing spread over the entire period of studies. In addition to the final examination given at the end of each semester, students are tested through mid-term examinations and internal evaluation consisting of a series of short quizzes, class discussions, written assignments, presentations, and class projects etc., all of which contribute to the final grade.

Course Evaluation Breakdown

The breakdown of a course is as follows:

Weitage Mode of Evaluation
20% Internal Evaluation
30% Mid Semister Examination
50% End Semister Examination

Grading Ranges

To rate students' academic performance, the following grades are applied at corresponding percentage marks. Grade Points are also indicated:

Grades Percentage Grade Points
A1 90% and Above 4.00
A2 80-89% 4.00
A3 77-79% 3.66
B1 74-76% 3.33
B2 70-73% 3.00
B3 67-69% 2.66
C1 64-66% 2.33
C2 60-63% 2.00
D 50-59% 1.50
F 49% and Below 0.00

GPA Calculation

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated as follows:

  • GPA = (Course Credit Hours x Grade Points Earned) / Total Semester Credit Hours
  • CGPA = (Course Credit Hours x Grade Points Earned) / Total Credit Hours Taken in all Semesters

Only two types of GPA will be used; Semester GPA (SGPA) and Cumulative GPA (CGPA). SGPA is the weighted average of grade points earned in a particular semester whereas CGPA is the weighted average of grade points in two or more semesters.

Transfer of Credits

Credits may be considered for transfer from programs of other local or foreign accredited institutes/universities of similar quality if they are relevant and appropriate to an undergraduate program in a discipline approved by NUML.

Following rules will be applicable for the transfer of credits:

  • Only undergraduate level courses in which atleast a 'C' grade or its equivalent was secured shall be considered for transfer.
  • A maximum of 50% of total credits for a program may be transferred but the grades will not be transferred. Transcript will reflect the grades of transferred courses but the grades will not be used for calculation of CGPA.
  • The transfer of credits will be recommended by concerned Dean keeping in view time duration of course work and deficiencies, if any. Registrar will process the case for approval from Principal and notify the transfer of credits.

Following procedure will be followed for transfer of credits:

  • The applicant shall apply to the Registrar office on the credit transfer application form available on the university website. The application must accompany the transcript of current program and copies of certificates/degrees from matric onwards.
  • Registrar office will forward complete application to the concerned Faculty for evaluation/recommendations.

The Dean will hand over the application to the concerned HoD for evaluation of transfer of credits as per following parameters:

  • The amount of time spent in the previous Institution for completion of course work will be considered towards the total duration of course work/program specified by the university. It would be ensured that the student would be able to complete duration of course work/program specified by the university. It would be ensured that the student would be able to complete the remaining course work within the time limit specified by the university.
  • Minimum grade for transfer of course will be “C”, 2.0/4.0 or its equivalent.
  • Deficiencies, if any, from NUML curriculum to be made up by the applicant must be specified clearly.
  • The applicant must fulfill the pre requisites for admission to the program for which he/she is applying.

Academic Deficiencies

A student is considered academically deficient if he/she obtains one or more of the following grades in a semester:

  • Failure in a course.
  • SGPA less than 2.00.
  • CGPA less than 2.00.
  • Attendance less than 75% in a course.

Disposal of Academically Deficient Students

Academically deficient students are categorized as follows:

  • Placed on probation.
  • Relegated to a junior class.
  • Ceased from the university.

The deficiency status will be reflected in the final result notification issued by the examination branch.


Relegation means the student is not promoted and is allowed to repeat/improve courses of his/her previous semester(s). A student may be relegated due to following reasons: -

  • If he/she earns an SGPA of less than1.5 in 1st semester, he/she will not be promoted but will be allowed to repeat his/her full semester. This repeat of semester will not be counted as relegation.
  • If a student is on 2nd probation and again earns a CGPA of less than 2.00
  • If a student earns a CGPAoflessthan1.5 in any semester.
  • If a student fails in more than 50% of the registered courses. Final year project/Thesis is not considered a course in this regard.
  • On disciplinary grounds.


Ceased means that a student is considered unsuitable to continue his/her studies and is removed from a program. A student may be ceased due to following reason(s):

  • If a student earns 2nd relegation due to any reason.
  • If a student fails to earn a CGPA of 2.00 even after availing maximum permissible chances for improvement.
  • If a student remains absent without sanctioned leave for 10 working days during a semester.
  • If a student neither freezes his/her semester nor registers himself/herself in a semester within 30 days of commencement of the semester.
  • On disciplinary grounds.
  • If a student exceeds the maximum time duration specified for a program. Maximum time durations are as follows:-
Program Minimum Maximum
BBA (04 Years) 4 years 7 Years
BBA (04 Years) 2 Years 4 Years
Masters (02 Years) 2 Years 4 Years
Masters (1.5 Years) 1.5 Years 3 Years

Attendance Requirements

80% attendance in a course is mandatory to become eligible to appear in the final examination, failing which, the student will be awarded 'F' grade in the course. 'F' grade will be treated as a normal 'F' grade earned by a student by failing in a course and it will carry all penalties associated with it.

Repetition/ Improvement of Courses

  • A student must repeat a course in which he/she earns an 'F' grade.
  • A student may improve his/her CGPA by taking courses in which he/she obtained a 'D' grade. A student can only improve a maximum of following number of courses:
    Program Duration Maximum Number of Courses Allowed to Improve
    4 Years (8 semesters) 06
    2 Years (4 semesters) 03
    1-1/2 Years (3 semesters) 02
  • The student repeating/improving a course will be required to complete all formalities applicable to a regular course that is, mid term examination, final examination, internal evaluation based on quiz, assignments and projects etc. The attendance policy will also be applicable for a summer semester.
  • It will be the student's responsibility to repeat/improve courses within the prescribed time limits to avoid relegation and / or cease.
  • Repetition of courses may be done in summer or with junior classes or whenever the course is offered (subject to availability of necessary resources, and date sheet/time table limitations etc). The minimum duration of a specially arranged repeat course will be at least 8 weeks. It will be ensured that required number of credits are covered in a repeat course.
  • The student desirous of improving grade in a course will apply to the HoD for permission to repeat the course.
  • If a student repeats/improves a course, both of his/her grades will be reflected on his/her transcript. However, better grade will be used for calculation of CGPA.
  • The change in academic status, if any, of a student will take effect from the date of notification of the result of the repeated / improved course.

Project / Thesis / Internship etc

  • Some degree programs require students to complete final year project/internship/Thesis etc as a mandatory part of their degree. The degree will not be awarded unless the requirement is fulfilled.
  • A student is required to complete his/her Final Year Project / Internship / Thesis etc. within 60 days of the last day of the final examination. In case of spring semester, the 60 days grace period will start from the 1st day of start of Fall semester.
  • If a student fails to complete the requirement within his/her last semester (including 60 days grace period), he/she will have to re-register in his/her Final Year Project/Internship/Thesis etc. He/She will have to pay fee equivalent to the number of credits allocated to the project in last semester of his/her degree program till the completion of his/her Project. 60 days grace period is allowed in the last semester of an academic program only.
  • Above para applies only if the student is eligible to continue his/her studies under NUML rules.

Semester Freeze

  • Semester freeze of up to two regular semesters (in entire program) during course work (within the minimum duration of a program) is allowed to students facing extraordinary circumstances / valid reasons subject to approval of the Principal on recommendations of Dean/HoD. Penalties associated with relegation will not be applied to a semester freeze.
  • In case semester freeze is requested within first 30 days of commencement of a semester, the student will pay 25% of the total tuition fee and allied charges. If the request is made after 30 days of commencement of a semester but before start of the Midterm Examination, the student will have to pay 50% of tuition fee and allied charges.
  • In case an emergency/illness occurs after the midterm examination, the semester freeze may be allowed but no fee will be refunded at this stage.
  • Semester freeze in 1st semester of a program is not allowed.

Continued Registration for Completion of a Program

If a student has completed minimum duration of a course of study / program specified by the university and still is not eligible for award of degree, he/she will continue to pay a registration fee for a minimum of three credits till he/she fulfills the requirements for graduation or completes the maximum duration allowed for the program. However, if a student registers for more than three credits for improvement/repeat or any other reason, he/she will pay the fee for the number of courses registered. If a student fails to register and pay the fee within 30 days of the start of a semester, he/she will be ceased. The Department will forward his/her case for cancellation of his/her registration to Registrar Branch with Information to Examination Branch. The Registrar Branch will process the case for cancellation of his/her registration.

Transcript and Degree

  • The Semester Result Card, Provisional Result Card, Transcript issued by the Examination Branch and Degree will be processed by Registrar office APCOMS.
  • The degree will reflect CGPA earned by a student on conclusion of his/her studies at NUML.
  • The transcript will reflect details of each course (Earned Grades, Grade Points, SGPA and CGPA for each semester, Course Pass, Fail, Repeat, improve, Cease, Semester Freeze, Degree Complete / Incomplete status etc).
  • For every improvement/repetition, the transcript will reflect the previous grade and the new grade mentioning the semesters. However, in case of improvement, better grade will be used for calculation of CGPA.
  • Following may also appear on a transcript against a course:-
    R Repeated (also for improvement)
    I Incomplete
    W Withheld
  • If a transcript is issued to a student whose program requirements are not completed, then I (incomplete) grade will be shown against pending requirements. On expiry of the maximum permissible duration of the program, the 'I' grade will automatically convert to 'F' grade.
  • The transcript or degree will not show the position of a student in his/her class. However, the Exam Branch will issue a separate merit certificate as under:-
    • Top Position holder in a class of less than 10 students.
    • First two position holders in class of 10-20 students.
    • First three position holders in a class of more than 20 students.
  • The APCOMS reserves the right to cancel a transcript and/or degree at any time because of a mistake or deficiency.

Scholarship/ Gold Medal Policy

  • Merit Scholarship will be awarded on basis of academic excellence. Merit scholarship may be awarded, In the form of cash / cheque through account branch.
  • Merit Scholarship will be awarded to the top students in a class or batch considering the number of students. The award will be as per university policy.
  • The degree from NUML will reflect CGPA earned by a student on conclusion of his/her studies at APCOMS.

Award of Gold Medal

  • In order to achieve the Gold Medal, a student must attain a minimum 3.70 Semester GPA (SGPA).
  • In case two or more students are tied on SGPA, then the total marks of both the students will be calculated and positions will be awarded according to marks.
  • If marks are also same, then attendance will be checked/counted, if SGPA & total marks are same then medal will be awarded on the basis of attendance.
  • As per conditions mentioned above, if, even then two or more students are at the same position, then the medal for the same position will be awarded to all such students.

Disqualification From Gold Medal

  • A student who has been punished by the Unfair Means Committee during his/her academic program.
  • A student who has ever been awarded 'F' grade for any reason whatsoever or has improved course(s).
  • A student who has been issued with written warning over discipline.
  • Any student who fails to complete degree requirements within the minimum duration of the program.
  • In the above mentioned cases, the university will have the rights to either award the medal to the next student on the merit list or the medal for that particular position may be cancelled for that batch.

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