APCOMS Objectives

The main objective of APCOMS is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible to changing needs of the students. The institution is dedicated to provide its faculty, staff and students and environment and infrastructure that helps them develop potential for scholarship, creative work, professional realization, service, research & development and innovation.

For the fulfillment of its mission, APCOMS has the following objectives: -

  • To produce competent technocrats and managers of international standards at graduate and undergraduate level.
  • To develop itself, as a center of excellence, in the field of engineering education through international linkages and affiliations.
  • To provide an academic environment which is conducive for research & development and innovation in the relevant discipline.
  • To provide a bridge between academia and industry with the view to meet the new challenges of employment.
  • To develop strong interpersonal and communication skills among the students.
  • To encourage the understanding of values and ethics among the students.
  • To develop a strong analytical skill for decision making.

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