Engineering Sciences (Affiliated With UET Texila)

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the discipline of creating high quality software environment in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner, while maintaining it affordably. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques and methods to develop the software systems. A software engineering program develops the professionals who have a mastery of software development principles, theory, practice and process. The goal of software engineering is to use the science and technology already available to create products and tools for use. Software engineering drives its essence from computer science as other engineering disciplines do from natural or life sciences, with an emphasize on issue of process, design, measurement, analysis and verification providing a strong foundation in engineering principles practices as applied to software engineering development. The curriculum for the bachelor’s degree program covers all essentially needed areas, e.g. software engineering, computer science and software quality and testing while paying special attention towards mathematics, physics and communication skills.

The program curriculum ensures breath across aligned disciplines and supporting subjects; and depth in most areas of the software engineering body of knowledge. The department puts forth the following educational objectives for the students entering the software engineering program.

Degree Requirements: The students must fulfill the following before they are eligible for award of Software Engineering degree:-

Total Number of Credit Hours At least 136
Total Number of Semesters Eight (08)
Semester Duration 19 Weeks (16 Teaching + 3 Exam Weeks)
Total Duration 04 Years

Courses in Software Engineering

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours (Theory) Credit Hours (Lab.)
SE-101 Introduction to Computing 3 1
ME-102 Discrete Structures 3 0
HU-103 Applied Physics 3 1
HU-104 English I (Functional English) 3 0
MA-105 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3 0
Total 15 2
Semister Total 17